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Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook Grades 4-8

Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook Grades 4-8

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Need a no-prep interactive grammar notebook to teach review and grade-level grammar and mechanics Standards? With Cornell Notes, foldables, tons of online links, practice worksheets, and biweekly tests? You get it all, plus the diagnostic assessments and corresponding worksheets your students need to catch up to grade-level mastery in this digital download (eBook).

If you use an INB or have never tried one because you thought it would be too time-consuming or messy, check this one out. The Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook Grades 4-8 includes the following instructional components:

  • Rigorous assessment-based instruction. Each of the 64 lessons provides both teacher and student pages for a full year of interactive grammar and mechanics instruction. A lesson takes about 40 minutes to complete and includes these instructional components: Cornell Notes Mechanics and Grammar Lesson with links and resources; Practice and Sentence Dictations (formative assessments); Cartoon Response, Writing Application, and 3D Graphic Organizer
  • Alignment to the Common Core Standards with built-in review. Lessons include assessment-based instruction in all grades 4-8 grammar and mechanics (language conventions) Standards with special emphasis on the  Progressive Skills Review Standards grades 3 to 8. All Standards listed at the end of the book
  • Biweekly unit tests including definition, identification, and application (answers included) ...20–25 minutes to complete
  • Clear directions with the same instructional procedures for each lesson. Perfect for both the beginning teacher, expert grammarians, and substitutes
  • Online links to songs, posters, sentence diagrams, and more (including the Purdue University Online Writing Lab OWL resources) ...all used with publisher permissions
  • NEW!  Diagnostic Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Assessments with 77 remedial worksheets... each with a formative assessment... plus, an Assessment Master Matrix for progress monitoring
  • Simple and fun 3D graphic organizers from Tangstar (the best on the web) with clear directions and less mess
  • Minimal prep and correction. Teachers don’t have to create their own INB for student make-up work. Print three student pages per lesson, set out the crayons, scissors, and glue (or tape), and your students write down examples and annotate on the Cornell Notes in their comp books or spiral notebooks. You display the teacher pages, read the lesson, and lead the discussion. Everything to make you the expert grammarian is included.
  • Flexible curriculum. Teachers choose what works for their schedules and class time. Complete all or part of each lesson.


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