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Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

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Teaching Grammar and Mechanics helps grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and high school teachers significantly improve student writing and test scores through direct instruction and individualized practice. These comprehensive grade-level programs are aligned with the Common Core Anchor Standards for Language and the Progressive Skills Review (alignment documents included).

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Program Description for the Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Programs: 

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (CCSS L.1,2,3) Lessons and Unit Tests

Each of the grade-level Teaching Grammar and Mechanics digital download (eBook) programs provides 56 interactive language conventions lessons, designed for twice-per-week direct instruction in the grade-level grammar, usage, and mechanics standards. The scripted lessons (perfect for the grammatically-challenged teacher) are formatted for classroom projection. Standards review, definitions and examples, practice and error analysis, simple sentence diagrams, mentor texts with writing applications, and formative assessments are woven into every 25-minute lesson. 

Students annotate the full text of the lesson on accompanying student worksheets (included in the program). The worksheets include a practice section, a simple sentence diagram, a mentor text which applies the grammatical lesson focus, and a brief writing application. Students complete two sentence dictation formative assessments and then self-correct from the projected display.

Biweekly grammar, usage, and mechanics unit tests require students to define, identify, and apply their knowledge of these Language Standards in the writing context.

Individualized Assessment-based Instruction

Teaching Grammar and Mechanics also includes all resources for teachers to meet the diverse instructional needs of individual students. Perfect for English-language learners, special education, and remedial students! The program provides diagnostic grammar and mechanics assessments to determine the specific remedial needs of your students. The assessments are administered whole-class and mastery recording matrices allow the teacher to organize instructional materials and to monitor the progress of individual students at a glance.

Teachers individualize instruction according to the results of the diagnostic assessments with targeted grammar, usage, and mechanics worksheets. Each worksheet includes definitions, examples, writing hints, and a practice section. Students self-correct each worksheet to learn from their mistakes and then complete a short formative assessment. The teacher corrects the formative assessment to determine mastery.

Teacher Prep and Training

This program is user-friendly! Simply print and distribute one student worksheet for each lesson and the remedial grammar, usage, and mechanics worksheets needed for individualized instruction. Absolutely no prep is needed for the scripted lessons. All answers are provided. YouTube training videos are provided for each instructional component to ensure teaching success.

This is a great product for teaching grammar and mechanics. I like how it allows for students to achieve mastery. It has great step by step directions for teaching the skills as well as help on differentiating instruction. It seems overwhelming when you first look at it, but once you take "10 minutes" to figure it out, it's awesome!

Laura P.


Save time grading and provide better writing feedback with the author's e-Comments Chrome Extension. This app includes hundreds of canned writing comments with the same language of instruction as Teaching Grammar and Mechanics and the companion program, Teaching Essay Strategies. Use the same terminology and definitions in your teaching and annotations in Google docs (and slides) comments. Now, that's a seamless connection to teach and practice grammar and mechanics in the writing context!

The e-Comments program includes four insertable comment banks (Grades 3‒6, Grades 6‒9, Grades 9‒12, and College/Workplace) feature writing format and citations, essay and story structure, essay and story content analysis, sentence formation and writing style, word choice, grammar, and mechanics. 

When you open a student's doc or slide, the e-Comments menu pops-up in the right margin. Simply highlight a writing issue in the student's text and click on a comment button. The comment automatically appears in the margin next to the student's text.


Would all my students need this program? No, just the teacher. The e-Comments program syncs to multiple devices and saves to the cloud.

Can I edit these e-comments? Yes, they are customizable.

Can I add, format, and save my own custom writing comments to the e-Comment menu? Yes.

Can I record audio comments? Yes.

Can I record video comments? Yes, just make sure your hair isn’t out of place.

Can I use speech to text? Yes, save time typing personalized comment additions.

I'm not tech proficient. Is e-Comments easy to use? Yes. The one-page Quick Start User Guide and video tutorial will get you grading or editing in just minutes. No time-consuming and complicated multiple clicks, dropdown menus, or comment codes. This program is intuitive and user-friendly.

Buy your grade-level Teaching Grammar and Mechanics program now, and then navigate to the Chrome Web Store to purchase or add the free trial of the e-Comments Chrome Extension. 

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